Bodywork for Peace

Bodywork for Peace offers pain relief and mind-body massage as a practical way to increase the peace. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: I am OPEN! I am fully vaccinated for Covid-19; masks not required unless my clients aren't vaccinated or if they request.

Mobile from Hemet, CA

Why Bodywork for Peace?

I provide therapeutic and relaxing mobile massage therapy with awareness of the connection between physical and emotional wellness. 

I don’t believe in “muscling” my way through resistance. I find that mindful, firm pressure blended with slow movement and gentle stretches tend to melt tissues and lead to lasting results. 

• Professional                • Peaceful
• Personal                        • Mindful
• Deep listening            • Safe
• Intuitive                         • Satisfying

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How Does Massage Increase the Peace?

“Peace begins with me. The more peaceful I am inside, the more peace I have to share with others.”  ~ Louise Hay

So many of us “live in our heads” and neglect the rest of our bodies―until something goes wrong. Pain can be not only a powerful attention-getter, but a powerful teacher if we stop and listen. Mindful massage can ease physical pain, of course, but also emotional pain. Massage is one way to reconnect the mind with the body to relieve all sorts of discomforts and chronic pain, and in the process find greater insight, peace, and even improve relationships.

Think about it―when you’re feeling better, you’re less likely to snap at others, honk the horn, or give in to vices. Taking care of yourself, you have more to give others. My clients seek to feel better in their bodies and often report benefits in other aspects of life by including regular massage in their self-care.

It is my mission to provide pain-relief and mind-body massage as a practical pathway to peace.

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